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Where to upload the .js Files

Where to upload the .js Files? Below i have Given 8 websites you can Host your java Script from these Sites

Here Goes The List :-

1)Sigmirror:-It provides 5Gb Webspace and 7Gb Bandwidth/month

2)Hotlinkfiles:-It provides 1Gb Webspace and 4Gb Bandwidth/month.

3)Ripway:-It provides only 30Mb Webspace and 150Mb Bandwidth/day or 4.5Gb/month.

4)Boxstr:-It provides 5Gb Webspace and 1Gb Bandwidth/daily.Just upload your file and get the direct link to make it work.

5)Fileave:-It provides 30Mb Webspace and 1Gb Bandwidth.You can prefer to use it only for some of your file with usage of 1Gb bandwidth.

6)Mydatanest:-It provides 2Gb Webspace and 20Gb Bandwidth/month.You can prefer to use it for most of your file as bandwidth is much more than above sites.

7)Getdropbox:-It provides 2Gb Webspace and Bandwidth is unknown To me.

8)Yourjavascript:-New Provider as no need of account just host any script and get its link.

I got only these sites but they are very less i would like to get more sites listed here so if you are using or knowing any other site to host .js files please leave them in comments i will update the list.
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